Who we are?

The company was established in February 2004, under the name of the Warba Health Insurance Company, and it specialized in providing health insurance services. In March 2007, the company began practicing insurance business based on Islamic Sharia-compliant Takaful, and in June of the same year it expanded its insurance services to include all types of group life, health, fire and general accidents, cars, boats, and cargo (Marine, air, and land) Takaful insurance.

"Ritaj Takaful Insurance" is the name that was announced in July 2008, and it is a Kuwaiti shareholding company (closed) operating with a capital of - 10,000,000 KD. It was established to continue a mission started in 2004 by dedication and excellence in work, and to provide the best services in the Kuwaiti Takaful insurance market.

This expansion and success culminated in 2019 with the adoption of a new name for the company (KIB TAKAFUL), through which bridges of cooperation were established between us and our clients on the insurance level and new horizons based on long-standing insurance and financial expertise in the Kuwaiti market. This was a great leap and a strong indication that the company aims to raise the level of performance, speed and accuracy of work completion, to ensure client comfort, satisfaction and confidence.

KIB Takaful Insurance occupies a distinguished position in the Takaful insurance market in Kuwait, hence we always strive to adhere to ethical principles and justice to achieve the best for our clients.

We are a team of dedicated and committed professionals in serving our clients, we offer you a range of Takaful insurance plans customized to your needs at the best price and quality possible.

We do not only offer value-for-money options but also ensure that clients' needs are met in line with their expectations.